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Dog poop is unfortunately an unwanted gift that keeps on giving. Like it or not, it’s not going anywhere soon. That’s where STEP EASY Dog Waste Removal Pooper Scooper service comes in. We are a pet waste removal company that offers a variety of services for dog owners, commercial properties, and HOA’s. Whether you need ongoing service or a one – time cleaning, we’ll come up with a custom plan that’s right for you. We are committed to making the world or your yard a cleaner and happier place to enjoy. Let STEP EASY Scoop So You Don’t Have To!


Our Story

I have been in pet retail for over 30 years. Being in pet retail the best part was being able to meet and engage with the dogs that would come into the stores. I wanted to open a pet related business where I still have the opportunity to be around dogs and provide a service that can help dog owners out.

Problem 1:Dog Poop Doesn't Biodegrade Like Wild Animal Poop!

Because we feed our dogs food that’s different from the food wild animals eat, dog waste does not biodegrade quickly like wild animal waste. And due to the large number of pets in suburban neighborhoods and local parks, this hardy dog waste accumulates.

The Solution:

How can you help? it’s really simple. Clean up after your dogs. Pick up the dog poop they leave behind or simply call STEP EASY scooper pooper service to do it for you. We as humans live in a very fast paced world and we forget about the little things that could harm us. So, you can help by calling STEP EASY dog poop clean up service. People mistake dog poop for fertilizer, thinking it helps grass and plants grow. But what many dog owners don’t realize is that dog poop is TOXIC.

Problem 2: Dog Poop Contains Harmful Bacteria, Parasites - Dog Waste Pollutes Groundwater, Water Bodies.

Dog waste can contain harmful organisms like E Coli, Giardia, Salmonella, roundwarms, hookwarms, and cryptosporidium. These can be passed on to you or your pet and may cause health problems. Bacteria in dog poop can harm water quality in creeks and rivers and other water ways. This alters the ecosystems of these corridors. Humans who come in contact with water can also face health hazards.

The Solution:

The solution is very simple. Pretty much the same as above. Call STEP EASY to clean up after your pet. We get it, you are busy, and you can spend that hour doing something more profitable for you. STEP EASY Dog Waste Removal can help you have a clean and safe yard, not only for your dog but for the family to play and enjoy. 

Your Dog's #2 Is Our #1 Priority