STEP EASY Dog Waste Removal – A Pooper Scooper Service

Pooper Scooper? Can this be a serious business? Let’s chat for a minute while I try to illustrate the importance of using a professional pooper scooper service for your dog. Ok, so you pay someone to house sit your pets when you’re away on vacation, right? You get a professional groomer to cut your dogs nails and wash & blow their beautiful coats. The vet takes care of your vaccinations, teeth cleaning and any other health related concerns and upkeep. You even pamper your dogs and send them off to spend the day at doggy day spas and extended canine vacations. Your dogs have a whole team looking after them!

You look at what goes in, but who looks at what comes out? You laugh. But seriously. Dog poop happens, and it happens a lot! And to fall behind on picking up your dogs waste is almost always an invitation for disease-carrying flies and other animals to pay your property a visit and what it does to our yards by leaving all those brown spots. Who wouldn’t love more free time by hiring someone else to do the dirty work. Just think about you or your children stepping on the smelly excrement left behind in your backyard & tracking it into the house. Ugh!

There is a solution, and it is very inexpensive and think about the time you get back and the frustration you don’t have to go through. There is a professional company that can turn your yard into a poop free STEP EASY zone.

STEP EASY Dog Waste Removal is your solution!

 You can schedule your scooping in the Houston area at: –  [email protected]call (346)504-1109.

Let us help you Step Easy again.

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